7 Things You Didn’t Know about Sourdough

7 Things You Didn’t Know about Sourdough

Today’s average consumer is far more woke than past generations. They’re taking a stand against everything from fast food to fast fashion. That’s why sourdough bread is enjoying a bit of spotlight these days—it’s the ultimate artisanal bread, “slow food” that requires time and patience to get right. But did you know that the bit of magic that takes it from regular ol’ dough to sourdough also results in health benefits? Read on to learn more about why you should get sweet on sourdough!

  1. Sourdough was probably invented around 6,000 years ago—by accident.

Barbara Griggs of The Guardian guesses that a baker must have mixed some flour and water, then forgotten about it for a few days. The resultant bubbling, fermenting, funky smelling mix is what we now call sourdough starter. Hmm, maybe you should think twice before tossing out your next failed kitchen experiment!

  1. Sourdough only takes about 15 minutes to make.

But that 15 minutes is spread out over 24 hours. Light on the workload but heavy on the patience!

  1. More and more people with gluten sensitivity are finding that they can eat sourdough bread without getting bloated and uncomfortable like they do after eating commercial bread.

Research shows that it’s the phytic acid in wheat that causes digestive discomfort. But during the fermenting process that sourdough undergoes, wild yeast and lactobacillus neutralize this acid, sort of pre-digesting it so that our stomachs don’t have to work so hard. This is great news for gluten-sensitive folks who miss their bread and butter!

  1. Sourdough produces a lower surge in blood sugar than any other bread.

Take note, diabetics! This study in Acta Diabetologica found that subjects with impaired glucose tolerance produces a lower glucose and insulin response when fed sourdough bread versus regular.

  1. There is no legal definition of sourdough.

This is why big companies can repackage regular bread with a dash of powdered starter added to it as “sourdough”. But you can only get authentic, high quality sourdough at local bakeries like OMBC (no preservatives, baked fresh every day!)

  1. Sourdough is a prebiotic.

Prebiotics are different from probiotics, but both support gut microbiome health. Did you know that chicory is also a prebiotic? So enjoy a hot filter coffee at OMBC when picking up your sourdough loaf and revel in that good gut health!

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